Monday, May 13, 2013

The Butterfly

I took this photo last year in April and it was at a really relaxing time, Micah was a tiny baby but I was away from him for just a little bit because I had a cool opportunity to photograph a small wedding at a butterfly garden. As I sat in the peaceful garden alone this little guy landed near me, it was one of those "moments" that I will never forget. Little did I know that before God had even stirred my heart toward adoption. My son was being born that day on the other side of the world. 

Today at 1:38 on May 13th I received the call that every adoptive parents wants to get. 
"Would you consider adopting a one year old boy?"

"ok, go check your email"
<insert ugly crying for about 30 mins>

<oh and also insert the apartment repair man who came to fix my lightbulb in the kitchen who now thinks I am a crazy lady, he asked no question, I gave no explanation for the sobbing>

These are his hands =) Im gonna hold them real soon. 


  1. Oh what a day! I'm so happy for you guys.

  2. wonderful news! so so very happy for you!

  3. sooooo happy for y'all!!!! Congratulations!!!

  4. God will make a Way! Oh, how exciting! God's plans and timing are always perfect! So excited to be on this journey with ya'll. Cant wait to hold his little hands, too!
    love yall so much and him,
    Dad and Mom A

  5. So cool how God works! Can't wait to see his little face when he's home and "officially" yours : )

  6. Loving this story of your lives and Mathias's life that God is together!

  7. Wohoo! What an exciting day that must have been for you. :) I've been enjoying following your blog--I found you through the e-mail loop. :) Rejoicing with you as you've been matched with your sweet little boy! Praying expectantly as we await to be matched with ours. God bless!