Saturday, July 6, 2013

Court Progress.

Found out today that the 1st of 3 court dates has been set for July 9th! This is the birthmom court date

The only bad news is that our court date was set with such short notice, and MOWA is running at least two weeks behind, they have already let us know that the MOWA letters, which are normally there at first court, will not make it.  What this means is that the court will happen as scheduled but until that MOWA letter is there, an adoptive parent court date (2nd court) cannot be issued by the judge.  At this point there is no way to guess whether or not we will be able to travel for court before they close mid-August.  It is a possibility that it may be October before we are able to go meet Mathias. Insert sad face. I know this is all in God's hands, so I will not worry. I just pray that we meet him sooner than later. 

Prayers for crazy fast MOWA letters appreciated!!!

- Candace & Justin 

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