Sunday, April 13, 2014

Press Bible and Noonday Giveaway!!!

My sweet friends at Press Bible have created an amazing Bible app that is rich in creativity that helps bring the Bible alive and is just plain beautiful. They have also spent the time with expert theologians to help you go deeper in your study. They also feel like this app should be FREE for everyone! Because the app is free they are asking for our help to continue creating this app for the rest of the gospel books and I am personally hoping the entire BIBLE!

How can you help spread the gospel with this app? 

- download the app (Press Bible)
- tell others about the app
-pledge to support them on kickstarter

Watch the video here : Press Bible Kickstarter

The way kickstarter works is supporters pledge amounts and if the financial goal is met in the time period they have listed they get the funding!!! *YAY* 
Your card will not be charged if the goal is not met! 

I believe in them and want this APP to be a huge success! 


***Just pledge $10 or more on Press Bible Kickstarter campaign before Easter Sunday, April 20th***

One entry for every $10 increment!!! 

Comment Below or on Facebook with how many entries you have obtained with your pledge! 
(honor system) but... I will be checking on the winner to confirm they did pledge! 

The winner will choose one of the items below!!!

Retail $40 {made with love in India}
Retail $34 {made with love in India}
Retail $46 {made with love in Uganda}

Thank you for partnering with me to help spread the gospel with this app! 


  1. Put me down for two entries!! :) Just pledged online. Love me some Press Bible and Noonday!! -Ashley P