Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Drowning in Paper

Yesterday was one of those days I just wanted to quit. The pile of paperwork and documentation needed seems to be an ever growing pile. Weirdly enough I am not stressed about the financial side of it at all. I think its because I have seen God provide financially for us so many times I am done doubting. He is so good. Its mainly the never ending checklist of things needed. I did not expect it to be this overwhelming. If that wasn't enough to get me stressed out, my mommy heart is already attached to my baby in Ethiopia (whoever they may be) and I keep hearing these stories on blogs or in person about terrible things that get done to babies in Africa. So not only and I annoyed with the paperwork, I am worried that someone is ripping my babies molars out of their mouth or cutting off their uvula from their throat, or abandoning them somewhere. My momma bear side wants to finish this paperwork as fast as possible so nothing else can happen to my baby! I just want to get this paperwork over so I can know that my baby is in the Care Center of our adoption agency and is being loved on by the  nurses that work there.

If you have a moment would you take a moment to pray for future baby Evans? Thank you so much... from the bottom of my mommy heart.

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  1. I totally understand your mommy heart. That side of paperwork mountain is so hard, it's hard not knowing what your child's life is like and what they are going through. Prayer is such a powerful thing though and I know for without a doubt that it was because of the prayers of so many our daughter made it home to us alive. Our daughter experienced some very hard things in Africa but ultimately God saved her life even though he allowed the hard things to happen to her. The orphan life is hard, it is broken but God is so good and He will bring healing through your love and care someday soon! Praying for your child and your journey!