Thursday, January 24, 2013

In Case You Were Wondering

I stole these questions from my sister in law Anna who is an awesome blogger who is also adopting! Check them out and order coffee through their fundraiser site. Its fair trade & ITS DELICIOUS!

How old is the child you are planning to adopt?
 We have requested a child under the age of two. With Micah being almost two, we thought it would be best to let Micah remain the oldest child in our home… especially with his strong will! We know he will make an amazing older brother.

Will you adopt a boy or girl?
We have decided to not request a specific gender. We truly want to keep our home and hearts open for whomever God has planned for us. We want to be as non-picky as possible. We have been told by our agency that this most likely means we will be the proud parents to a little boy! (We are teaching Micah how to say “brother”. It is precious.

How long is this going to take?
I honestly don’t know. So much of the time frame depends on so many different people and variables. Patience is huge. I don’t mind you asking time frames… just know its all a guesstimate. The time frame the adoption agency averages is at the least a year to the most three to four years. We are obviously hoping to have our new son or daughter home sooner than later.

Will you have to go to travel to Ethiopia, Africa?
Yes. Twice. The first time we go we will get to meet our son or daughter and we also have our court appointment. We then have to leave our child at the care center in Africa and come back home. I am absolutely dreading those weeks/months until we get the “go ahead” from the court and our agency to go back and bring our child home!
On a fundraising note, if you or someone you know have frequent flyer miles they would consider donating towards the cost of our travel. It would be GREATLY appreciated!

Where are you in the process now?
We have signed the contract with our agency and paid the HUGE agency fee. Thank you so much to those of you who participated in the photo shoot fundraisers and donated already. We are doing our best to save our pennies, but we truly could not do this without you. We have our Home Study scheduled for next Monday! The social worker will come do an on site 3 hour interview in our home/apartment. This is a huge part of the paperwork that goes to Africa to represent us in court. Aka BIG DEAL!

How will you pay for the cost of the adoption?
We are doing our absolute best to save anyway that we can. We don’t feel called to do it all on our own either. If we did, we would spend the next 5 years saving up and then start the process, but we feel like the need and time is now. We promise that every dime you donate goes directly towards the cost and fees of the adoption. We have a bank account at a completely separate bank from our regular money and savings. We are also doing some fun fundraisers to help offset the $30,000 that will be do along the duration of this adoption.
Coming up first on WEDNESDAY, FEB. 13th at CHICK FIL A on 380 and 75. All day long they have agreed to give us 15% of all sales from our friends and family. You must tell them when you are ordering that you would are a part of the Evans Adoption Fund. Thank you so much for coming out and eating delicious chicken and donating to our precious baby. We will be there for all three meals, so feel free to eat there for every meal… and then go running.  =)
Coming soon is a Collection of Original Songs and Hymns by Justin and some of his talented friends. Aubrey and Jen McGowan, Blake Reynold, Cody Kimmel, Kandis Sebastian, Macy McKenzie… I am really, really excited about this one as well as super grateful for this insanely talented people who are donating their time and talent.
We also will be selling t-shirts! I will be advertizing on Facebook, instagram, and our blog. Stay tuned!!!


  1. We are so very excited! God will make a way!!!
    Love you, more than words can say...
    Dad and Mom A