Friday, January 25, 2013


April Wade, creator of the adorable ruffle infinity scarf has graciously partnered with us on our adoption fundraising!! (Insert excited face here!!!)

How can you participate?

1. Go to:

2. Decide which scarf you want out of all the adorable scarfs (hardest part) and buy one for YOURSELF,your mom, best friend, daughter, kids teacher, etc... I'm asking for one for Valentines Day (are you reading this momma?) :)

3. Enter coupon code: "EVANS" at checkout to receive F R E E shipping and to let her know your associated with our adoption! :)

4. Pat yourself on the back because 40% of your sale is going directly into our adoption fund to give an African orphan a forever home.

5. Receive scarf in mail... And strut your stuff. (The best thing about infinity scarves is that you cannot wear them wrong!)


  1. Great post!! Buy some scarves people :)

  2. Very nice of your friend to help in such a lovely way! Ordered 2- one for Melissa and one for Ashley! ; )
    Praying for your journey!
    Rebecca Lingerfelt