Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bible in 30 Days

I had tried to prepare myself mentally for the time in between meeting/adopting Mathias and going back to get him. I admit I'm struggling. A lot. The emotions I feel being disconnected from my child by oceans and not knowing when I can go bring him home are some of the strongest I have ever experienced. I have felt lost these last weeks, feeling myself sinking into a funk. There are a few other struggles my family is facing that add to the overwhelming sense of attempting to climb up a slippery mountain. God is using the season to develops perseverance, but frankly I just want it to be over. My sweet husband is the best and he never allows me to wallow in self pity. Sometimes that's super frustrating, but for the most part I choose to be thankful for it! 
His challenge to me to help us both get out of this downward spiral is drastic, almost as crazy as asking me to train and run a half marathon with him (which he asked while I was pregnant) I had never even run around the block, but with his encouragement we ran that 1/2 marathon last year! 
His drastic challenge to me this times as reading the Bible cover to cover in the 30 days of November! The Bible is a long book y'all ;)  I am looking forward to having truth overtake my mind and leave no room for doubt, pity, sadness, and lies.

Here is some info if you think your life needs a reboot of truth! 

We are following this plan. 


  • Use a plain Bible, not a study Bible - you'll be less distracted by all those notes
  • Read with a theme or topic in mind.
  • Get a partner or small group and do this together - mutual positive encouragement and accountability!
  • If you fall behind, don't give up.  Just pick up where you left off and keep going.  Finishing in 40 or 50 days is still a great achievement.

The theme I have chosen to read everything "thought the lens of" is that God is the main character in the bible. Everything is about him and how He is working through his creation. There are a tons of people and history in the Bible and it's easy to get muddled down. I do have a total bonus in having a theologian as a husband... To ask all my questions too. Feel free to email with any questions you have while reading the Bible! He is the best!


  1. YES YES YES!!!!!! Fill those dark places with the light of His Word! Makes me thankful for our husbands!! The Lord knew he would be the perfect one to encourage you in this time of waiting and I love that it came from him, your beloved. Deepening y'alls unity. Will vamp up my prayers for you. You're in the perfect position to experience the power of His word and press into Him. You're weakness, His strength! Treasure this time, you'll miss it one day! Love you friend!

  2. I will be praying for God to reveal Himself in a new way to you, Candice. In fact, I have been sensing God leading me to do the same thing and I appreciate you sharing this link to encourage me!