Thursday, October 31, 2013

So I'm Cheating...

After accepting the challenge to read my Bible cover to cover in a month with Justin... I started cheating. I know it't not November yet but I am already in Numbers (the 3rd book of the Bible)

Here are some tips I have learned already!

Paperback Bible
Iphone Bible App 
Ipad or Kindle
You Version Bible App (audio)

Once I got into the lengthy law part, I found that switching to listening to 
the Bible be read to me on my iPhone, made it more enjoyable! If you listen to the 
NKJ version, the man reading has a sweet Lord of the Rings voice. 
I prefer the ESV translation personally... but the NKJ reader was awesome. 
I've been listening to it while I put away laundry or drive in the car, 
surprisingly Micah doesn't seem to mind. 

Random thoughts while reading (so far):
  • The Israelites were super annoying when wandering the desert. "Manna is the worst lunch I have ever had....can we just have a salad or something, don't you know I have had diarrhea since Egypt?" ( a little Nacho Libre humor, sorry....)
  • God still uses people who fail Him (be encouraged) 
  • I am SO GLAD Jesus came and died for us so we are no longer under the law because HOLY MOLY there were a lot of laws.....
  • Also I am seeing God preparing Israelis hearts for Jesus through almost everything he does for them. 
  • DO NOT GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH leprosy.... don't do it. 
  • Random thought... so Joseph was the reason that all the Israelites ended up in Egypt.... when you read it all in a row it all starts to make sense. 
  • There are some pretty hilarious stand alone verses in the Leviticus. I kinda want to make a living off of making prints out of them... no one would buy them. but it would be hilarious.... to me. 
  • God cares ALOT about details... just read the account he gave to Moses about the tabernacle... which I can only imagine was GORGEOUS.

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