Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mathias Tariku Evans

Mathias is now ours! On October 17th we officially adopted our new son. Now we wait to bring him home to Texas! Our agency says to give at least 3 months until that will happen. We had hoped to have him home before Christmas and our move to San Antonio, but it is not looking like that it a possibility.  I wanted to share some Africa photos with y'all! I still haven't been able to process all of my emotion from the trip into words... maybe someday. ;) But for now you will have to be content with photos. 
To everyone who participated in our fundraisers and helped us make this possible, 
we thank you, 
Mathias thanks you. 


The streets of Addis Ababa

Mathias Care Center - He is on the top floor

Daddys Boy =)

I miss his sweet face. 

Pretty excited to have a snuggle bug.

after his 1st haircut - handsome little dude

I promise to share my heart with y'all soon. 
It is just the weirdest experience to endure... there really aren't words...

Prayers appreciated! 

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