Friday, February 15, 2013

Generosity & Community

The generosity of our community has floored me the last couple of months. To have someone tell me that they donated on pay pal to our adoption, but not to worry more is coming after they get their next paycheck... are you serious? Do you want me to crumble up in tears right here on the floor? Or when I get a text from an amazing couple who recently spent a lot on their own adoption telling me they feel led to give us $5,000. Yes, I almost flipped out of my chair. Or to see literally hundreds of people show up to eat Chick-fil-a for our fundraiser... I was holding back tears all day. What an amazing feeling. Or all the beautiful scarves I see ladies wearing from our scarf fundraiser!!!!  Community is precious. There has not been one week go by since we started this adoption that we have not received some kind of encouragement whether a random $10 in an envelope left on Justin's desk, or a local church in the community donating on pay pal and letting us know they support us. Or sweet notes and comments left on facebook or email. 
I pray that as this generosity is being poured upon our family, I am pouring it back out ten fold.
Your money is so needed during this time but I want you to know what your money means to us. Yes, it means helping us fulfill Gods calling on our life to care for an orphan. But more importantly it means that you are going to help us love and care for this precious child of God once they get here! You are investing in this because you believe in it!  
Your money is literally equally love right now! 
We are humbled and honored to be a part of this community and church. 
We love & appreciate yall more than you will ever know.

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