Friday, February 22, 2013

Home Study Complete!

Isn't my Home Study pretty? 
I have heard some adoptive parents call this the 
"sonogram" of the adoption process.

So excited to have this adoption milestone behind us. It was the first "hiccup" in our process. The agency we used is closing after many years but our awesome agent worked extra hard and was able to complete it in time as well as take us with her to her next agency. Crisis averted. Thank you Jesus.

Why is the HomeStudy important? Well, we can now apply for grants! Whoo Hooo! -AND-
We are now ALMOST able to complete our Dossier (which I pronounce super wrong). Our Dossier is the next big step in adoption, its sort of the culmination of all your paperwork struggle up to this point. Once we recieve our passports in the mail, our Dossier gets sent off!
We then "patiently" await to find out who our child will be! 
We know God already knows... so we love them already!

Thank you again for all your support by prayer, giving financially, and being emotionally involved. 
We are so blessed to journey this with you!

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  1. Every time I have to pronounce Dossier out loud, I ask the person I'm talking to for clarification on the pronunciation! :)